About Us


I am Ronda Shanell, the founder and CEO of Posh Jewelry Exchange, LLC. As the CEO, I have grown my business to include thousands of business partners and we are continuously growing.  I started selling $5 jewelry in 2017 and soon I realized this was much more than just a hobby. Being a paparazzi consultant was changing lives of people around me.  I was determined to not only achieve my own success but to ensure that my business partners were also well equipped to obtain their desired level of success.  I have a phenomenal team and I absolutely love what I do! Paparazzi is truly changing my life and changing the lives of those around me. Paparazzi is allowing me to connect with other phenomenal women & men.  I wear many hats - mother, professional, daughter, wife, entrepreneur etc. and now I'm also a Paparazzi consultant!

In March 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, I made the decision to retired from a 20 plus year career in the financial realm and pursue Paparazzi full time.  I believe my team’s growth and promotions are a direct link to my willingness and eagerness to serve, inspire, motivate and train them to achieve their dreams and desires. 

I am married to a loving, supportive husband; and I am the mother of two successful adult sons.  Originally from Rochester, NY, I currently reside in Atlanta, GA with my family. I would love to have you join our amazing team!  Feel free to join me on this amazing journey by clicking  the Join My Team link below!